Careers in music production

Artists and composers need technically trained and capable engineers to create the music they imagine. The technical production or audio careers focus on controlling and improving the quality of the audio that is created in the studio and in live events. We at Chandigarh Music Academy provide the best music production courses in Chandigarh for all the aspiring youngsters who wish to enter the music industry.

Examples of music production careers
  • Recording engineer
  • Recorder / Music Production Company
  • Sound designer
  • Instrument Tech / Specialist
  • Live sound engineer
  • Sound mixer


Recording studio manager:

Recording engineer (also called sound engineers or audio technicians): works with producers and interpreters to determine what sound is desired. Then they record “sound” using recording equipment and that sound is mixed and edited for things like quality and volume using a sound mixing board. The “sound” may include bass, drums, guitar, voice, etc. Sound engineers also create copies of the recording in other formats, test and make basic repairs to the equipment and keep records of the recordings they make.

Music producer (also called record producer):

a music producer is the creative leader of a recording project. He or she oversees aspects of the recording process, such as hiring musicians, helping to select material and keeping the project within budget. Music production works may include work on projects for artists, films, television or other media.

Sound designer:

a sound designer finds or creates music and sound effects for productions, from digital cinema, television, animation and games to commercials, plays and other multimedia shows. The audio material is recorded and formatted for playback during execution.

Instrument Tech / Specialist (that is, guitar technology, bass technology):

An instrument technician maintains the instrument and configures the musical equipment for his instrumentalist during a concert tour or a theatrical performance.

Live sound engineer:

the live sound engineer mixes and adjusts the audio quality, including speech and music, as it is being created in all kinds of places like theaters, sports stadiums, conference rooms and churches. He or she controls the sound using a mixer and is responsible for setting levels and performing sound controls. Also called as audio technicians, sound technicians or mastering engineers.

Sound mixer:

A sound mixer manages volume and sound quality when using more than one microphone.

Owner / Recording Studio Administrator:

The studio manager oversees the daily business of the recording studio’s execution, including budget management. He or she hires and schedules qualified engineers to manage the study team, the artists’ books in the studio, negotiates the prices and markets the study for potential clients.


More music production jobs
  • Sound effects editor / Library developer
  • Digital audio engineer / Editor
  • Broadcasting Engineer
  • Commercial music


Conclusion: We at Chandigarh Music Academy provide the best training in Music Production for all the music lovers who want to make a mark in Music Industry.


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