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Watch Skeletonwitch

Ocean’s Garden – Justitia

Of Roofs, Genes and Stolen Meanings


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I’m Just Super Saiyan

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Careers in music production

Careers in music production

Careers in music production Artists and composers need technically trained and capable engineers to create the music they imagine. The technical production or...
What is Sound Engineering? Scope and Career opportunities

What is Sound Engineering? Scope and Career opportunities

What is Sound Engineering? Scope and Career opportunities Sound engineering in India, has definitely seen a rise in recent years courtesy a steady,...
Career In Sound Engineering In India

Career In Sound Engineering In India

Career In Sound Engineering In India Sound Engineering is one of the branches of the discipline of engineering that deals with the study...
Piano Classes in Chandigarh

Piano Classes in Chandigarh

The piano is a classic instrument that is played like a keyboard. The piano is used in Jazz, Classical and soloists. Produces sound...

Tune America Tour

The Band

It is not a game if there is nothing to lose.










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Chaiyan Chaiyan – Dil Se (Cover) | A R Rahman | Sooraj Randhawa Ft. Shikha Sharma | Rahil Sangral

Who Cares Cover By Rhythm | Rahil Sangral

One Chord Mashup By Rivansh | Rhythm | V Jackk | Rahil Sangral

Zara Zara Mashup by Rivansh | V Jackk | Rhythm | Rahil Sangral


One of the Hooks from the Album


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