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Cubase Course in Chandigarh

Course Cubase Course in Chandigarh
Timing 9/11 – 11/1 – 1/3 – 3/5 – 5/7
Duration 45 Days
Classes Mon to Friday

Cubase Course in Chandigarh

Advance Sound Engineering and Music Production using CuBase in Chandigarh and Punjab, India. A course at Chandigarh Music Academy enriches ability of students as musicians as well as a Music producers, composer and sound engineer with an edge over peers with best in class environment and trainers. The creative talent of the students is honed and sharpened to make them face the world of audio engineering hands on and with full expertise. Music production and sound engineering course in India.  Study while working on your own music, get involved with the Music producers and collaborate with musicians outside the school. Theory and practice combined in hands-on sessions, where sound engineering and creativity become Music Production.

Course Content

  • Introduction to DAW
  • History of Recording
  • Bit Depth – Sample Rate
  • DAW Interface
  • Metronome settings
  • Setting up Tracks
  • Difference between Audio and MIDI
  • Clips Regions and Loops
  • Editing and Regions
  • Editing Tools
  • Saving and Exporting Your Track
  • VST Instruments & Usage
  • Recording a MIDI Instrument
  • Quantizing MIDI Performance
  • Piano Roll and Hyper Draw
  • Mute/Solo/Record Switches
  • Advance Midi Options
  • Mixer Channel
  • Different Types of Effects
  • Reverb & Delay Effects
  • Time Based Effects
  • Pitch Correction
  • Amp Designer
  • Dynamic Effects
  • Modulation Effects
  • Recording Audio
  • Fade in & Fade Out
  • Trimming & Auto Split
  • Sample Editor
  • Key Commands
  • Automation
  • Accessing Parameters Through Automation Menu
  • Automation of Effects (Delay, Phasers, etc…)
  • Editing Automation
  • Work with tempo
  • Work with beat mapping
  • Karaoke
  • Introduction To Sound Designing
  • Introduction To Mixing & Mastering

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