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Digital DJ Course in Chandigarh

Digital DJ Course

Duration : 4 weeks / 2 hours in day
Qualification : 10th or 12th

Digital DJ Course in Chandigarh is the best course for those who want to learn DJ in Punjab.  Our professional DJ courses covers all aspects of using the software, and allows you to develop your own musical style and skillfully equip yourself with the skills to competent arrange, mix and perform a variety of music. Music production and sound engineering course in Chandigarh. We will teach about understanding the software’s important features i.e. Connecting & Controlling software with other hardware, like external controllers. After 10th you can learn this DJ course at Chandigarh Music Academy.

Theory –

  • ​Introduction of Digital DJ Concept
  • Introduction Digital DJ softwares and equipments
  • Purchasing own DJ equipment


  • Using Traktor DJ with DJM 750 or Audio 2
  • Using Traktor DJ with CDJ/XDJ Players
  • Using Rekordbox DJ with DJM 750
  • Using Rekordbox DJ with CDJ/XDJ Players
  • XDJ 700 and CDJ 900 Nexus features
  • Using DJM 750 effects
  • Practice on ​all teached things
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