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Disk Jockey Course in Chandigarh

Course Disk Jockey Course in Chandigarh
Timing 9/11 – 11/1 – 1/3 – 3/5 – 5/7
Duration 2 Month
Classes Mon, Wed, Friday

Disk Jockey Course in Chandigarh

Professional DJ Course in Chandigarh at Chandigarh Music Academy in cooperation with Bigboxx Academy, offers you a unique chance to launch your DJ producer career. In one month, you will follow an intense program, comprising the whole DJ and production curriculum of both schools, with additional masterclasses, workshops and private lessons. Groups are strictly limited to 5 students, allowing for a personal approach, tailored to each student. Music production and sound engineering course in Chandigarh. You’ll start out learning all the basic skills you need as a DJ and producer. Once you master those skills, you will work towards becoming an engaging performer and producing tracks worthy of release.

Course Content

Theory –

  • ​Introduction of DJ & Music industry
  • Introduction and connecting of DJ & Sound equipments
  • Introduction of music genres and top artists in DJ industry
  • Various career options in this industry
  • Sorting music and making own collection, Sources of music.


  • Beat cueing, Drop mixing cueing
  • Cueing and Drop mixing
  • Practice of drop mixing
  • Beat matching on basic music
  • Beat matching on house music
  • Equalizing
  • Beat matching and equalizing
  • House music back to back playing
  • Bollywood music back to back playing
  • Practice on academy provided / own music

Official Tracks

New Releases

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