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Electronic Music Production Course in Chandigarh

Course Electronic Music Production Course in Chandigarh
Timing 9/11 – 11/1 – 1/3 – 3/5 – 5/7
Duration 3 Month
Classes Monday To Friday
Daw Fl Studio | Cubase | Ableton | Logic Pro X

Electronic Music Production Course in Chandigarh

Learn Electronic Music Production Course in Chandigarh The magic of computer draws up unmatched possibilities of recorded sound, but if you do not have the necessary skills to use it using the latest tools, it is more or less a futile exercise. The Electronic Music Production Course In Chandigarh is well rounded course that covers all the major aspects of modern day music production. We at Chandigarh Music Academy pride ourselves for offering the best Electronic Music Production Course In Chandigarh.

Course Content


  • Knowledge of DAW
  • Producing Beats
  • Arranging Tracks
  • Managing Tracks
  • How to Process
  • Practical Project

Understanding Daw (Workflow in Daw)

  • What is a Digital Audio Workstation

  • Signal Flow | Equipment You Need

  • Setting Up Your System

  • Setting Audio Preferences

  • Setting MIDI Preferences

  • Optimizing Performance

  • Introduction to Session View

  • Understanding Ableton’s Interface

  • Live’s Browser

  • Loading, Playing, Stopping, Copying and Moving Clips

  • MIDI and Audio Clip Properties

  • Working with Scenes

  • Setting Tempo and Meter Changes to Scenes

  • Using Live’s Browser

  • Auditioning Clips and Devices

  • Understating File Structure and Saving Live Set

  • Managing Files

  • Exporting Clips and Devices

  • Preparation to Record MIDI

  • Recording and Overdubbing MIDI

  • Using Computer to Enter MIDI

  • Using the Step Sequencer to Enter MIDI

  • Using the Pencil Tool to Enter MIDI

  • Understanding MIDI Editor

  • Configuring Grids

  • Quantizing | Quantizing with Grooves | Live Quantizing

  • Fold View in the Editor | Legato Option

  • Editing MIDI Velocities

  • Using Multi-Output Devices

  • Recording Audio

  • Different Monitoring Modes

  • Understanding Arrangement View

  • Grids in Arrangement View | Permanent Scrub Areas

  • Recording in Arrangement View

  • Using Punch-In and Punch-Out Switches

  • Back to Arrange View Button

  • Using Locaters

  • Editing Regions in Arrangement View

  • Re-Working Clips

  • Exclusive Arm and Solo

  • Using Sends and Returns

  • 2 Ways of Building Headphone Cues

  • Grouping Tracks

  • Using Effect Devices

  • The Hot Swap Switch

  • EQ and Filters

  • Soloing Different EQ Bands

  • EQ-ing in Stereo, L/R and M/S

  • Compressors and Dynamic Processing

  • Different Types of Delay Effect Processing

  • Using Reverb Effectively

  • Side-Chain Gating and Side-Chain Compression

  • Using MIDI Effects

  • Arpeggiator | Chord | Scale

  • Automation Envelopes

  • Recording Real-Time Automation

  • Drawing Automation Manually

  • Automating Clips in Session View

  • Unlinking Clip Length and Automation Length

  • Editing Automation

  • Using Fades and Cross-Fades

  • Live Racks

  • FX Racks

  • Nested Racks

  • Effects in Series and Parallel

  • Using FX Chains

  • Instrument Racks

  • Key-Zone Editor and Velocity-Zone Editor

  • Drum Racks

  • I/O, Sends and Returns Inside the Drum Rack

  • Choking Samples

  • Using Macros

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