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Music Video Course in Chandigarh

Chandigarh Music Academy provides music video course which guide students through the process of creating original music videos, from the development of the concept to the final screening. Taught by experts and creators of active music videos, students collectively learn to conceptualize their project, collaborate with a musical artist or band, produce, record, direct and edit their own music videos. Chandigarh Music Academy encourages students enrolled in the music video course to take creative risks as visual artists, all while learning the most essential elements of what it means to make a music video:

  • Identify the brand of the artist you record including your visual style and the tone of your music.
  • Write a treatment for the song.
  • Planning the music video in storyboards and shooting lists.
  • Prepare a budget and a shooting schedule.
  • Creating the general aesthetic style of the video.
  • Planning the music video in storyboards.
  • Learn to shoot and keep the film synchronized with the letters and the edition.
Course Overview:
  • It provides the students with the general creative and technical experience and the necessary training to make their own music videos.
  • Provide rigorous instructions and practical production experience.
  • Offer a challenging curriculum that includes intensive study in all major film disciplines, such as filmmaking, directing, story development, production and editing.
  • Students write, direct and edit their own music videos and work on the crew of the productions of their classmates.
  • Challenge for aspiring filmmakers who have the passion to commit to the production of full-time music videos and a demanding curriculum. Participants must work with self-discipline, energy and mutual respect.
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