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Professional Mixing and Mastering Course in Chandigarh

Course Professional Mixing and Mastering Course in Chandigarh
Timing 9/11 – 11/1 – 1/3 – 3/5 – 5/7
Duration 2 Month
Classes Monday To Friday
Daw Fl Studio | Cubase | Ableton | Logic Pro X

Professional Mixing and Mastering Course in Chandigarh

Professional Mixing and Mastering Course in Chandigarh Great mixing and mastering is absolutely crucial in the world of music and is the most important part of making a great song. It is the magic that gives life to your song. Learn to mix and master at Chandigarh Music Academy. Our mixing and mastering course show how to combine multiple tracks with professional mixing software and audio techniques including EQ, dynamic processing, delay, reverb, noise gates, and de-essers. It is the world’s most advanced professional mixing and mastering course. Topics covered include equalization, compression, panning, level balance, reverb, and special effects. Make a noise in the industry with the best Mixing and Mastering Course in Chandigarh. Bring quality masterpieces by understanding the properties of sound and manipulating them using creativity and technology.

Course Content

  • Introduction
  • The Elements
  • The Master Plugins
  • Balancing & Setting Up Effects
  • EQ-ing the Kick Drum
  • EQ-ing the Beats
  • Analog and digital consoles
  • EQ-ing the Synths
  • EQ-ing Other Elements
  • EQ-ing The Guitars
  • Adjusting The Balance
  • Compression For Sound Shaping
  • Compression For Level
  • Bus Compression For Beats
  • Side Chain Compression
  • Multiband Compression
  • Master Bus Compression
  • Panning
  • Reverb & Echo
  • Adding Chorus
  • Tremolo & Autopan
  • Level Automation
  • Filter Automation
  • Automating the Pan
  • DIY Loudness Mastering
  • Original vs. The Final Mix
  • Industry knowledge
  • Critical Listening


What file format for mixing?

Export/Bounce each audio track as a WAV or AIFF file. (I.e., Lead vocal 1, Backing vocal 1, Kick, Snare, Hi hats, Piano, Bass etc.) These can either be mono or stereo. As 24bit at 44.1khz, 48khz, 88.2khz or 96khz. Only keep on plugins that are crucial to sound shaping or a special effect. General effects like compression/reverb/eq/delay etc please remove. And no audio clipping! Also, which is really important, make sure you export/bounce each audio track from the same start point in your audio sequencer, i.e., 1.

Do I need mastering or mixing?

Don’t make the same mistake like me. I used to think mastering was the final and most important part of the record making process. Yes mastering is important but not nearly as important as the initial idea for the song. Production. Tracking (if recording a live band). Then mixing. Out of all these things mastering comes last. Clever writing, recording, production and mixing are the key! Ask yourself are you 100% happy with your mix down. If not, you’re not ready for mastering.

What's the difference between mixing and mastering?

Mixing is where you have access to the recorded parts (The full production) in a song. Usually ranging from 30 to over 200 tracks occasionally. For instance, lead vocal, backing vocals, ad-lib’s, harmonies, kick drum, snare, toms, hi hats, overheads, bass, synths, keyboards, piano, strings, guitars etc. It’s the mix engineer’s job to balance all the elements. Using Eq, compression, panning, reverb, delays, special fx plus many other skills and techniques to provide that master final stereo mix down. Mastering is where you only have access to process the final stereo mix down.

What are the turn around times for online mixing or Mastering?

Usually 3 – 5 days for mixing, 1-2 days for Mastering. Sometimes same day depending on work load.

How to send files for mixing ?

Simply upload your audio files zipped up to Or upload your files to any other file transfer system and email it. Use WINZIP or WINRAR to zip up files.

What file format for mastering?

For best results send your stereo mix down as 24bit wav or aiff file, at 96khz, 88.2khz, 48khz or 44.1khz

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