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About Us

Chandigarh Music Academy is the division  of Big Boxx Academy’s audio engineering & electronic music production courses in Chandigarh, India are planned to build your music production skills and slowly get to a point where you will be able to express what you want with ease. You will be learning audio concepts & engineering behind music production. With our sound engineering courses you will learn recordings methods, advance audio editing techniques, midi and its related concepts, sound design, sampling, mixing and mastering along with many other tips & tricks to produce great music.

Web development is essentially all about the back-end of the site, it’s the interactions, and the basic programming of all the pages. It details the functionality, and can dictate how well the site works, how fast and neatly it ticks the customer’s needs.

Our Team

V Jackk

Music Producer / Composer / Dj

Sooraj Singh Randhawa

Music Composer / Singer / Pianist


Music Producer / Guitarist


Singer / Dj

Rahil Sangral

Drummer / Video Director

Rohit Kaushik

Singer / Pianist

Jagjit Jaggz

Video Director / VFX Artist

Armaan Sher Gill


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