Best Music Production and Engineering Courses in Chandigarh

Best Music Production & Engineering Courses in Chandigarh

Best Music Production & Engineering Courses in Chandigarh, Music Acadmey’s teaches the best music production courses in Chandigarh, India. Our music production courses are designed to help you learn Djing easily.  Sound Engineering and Production diploma  course will provide you with the creative skills and versatility you need to succeed in a constantly evolving, challenging industry. Our students come from around the world and our Sound Engineering and Production course reflects this diversity.

What’s covered in the course?

This course has been designed to meet the requirements found within the audio industry, providing a dynamic study programme that focuses on live and studio sound engineering, audio electronics, audio software engineering, acoustics and business principles. This combination of subjects ensures you’ll be employable in a range of career paths.

Audio engineering is a highly dynamic sector, driven by rapid technological advancement. We will ensure that you have the skills to develop and maintain the next generation of models for production, performance and measurement.

In addition, the courses involve structured and progressive learning of core music production skills and arranging techniques. Along with that contextual studies of music theory and global media and entertainment business practices.

Eventually, the Music Direction course contains all the essential ingredients required to make you a successful director of films and television.

Courses outline:

The advancement and the history of cinema

  • Film analysis and film appreciation
  • The language and the grammar of cinema
  • Who is a director?
  • The technique of screenplay writing
  • Description Formats, Film Genres
  • Staging the scene
  • Shooting techniques
  • Management of actors, technicians, and other unit members
  • Basics and advance classes in other relevant areas of filmmaking viz. Cinematography, Video Editing etc.
  • Management of films and Television shows (Production and marketing)


Last but not least, it is recommended that Students can immediately take up the responsibility of directing a film or a television after completion of the films direction training. However, to enhance their knowledge, it is suggested that students works under the director in a film production.