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Course Name DJ Course in Chandigarh (Disc Jockey)
Duration 45 Days
Batch Timing 9 To 11, 11 To 1, 1 To 3, 3 To 5, 5 To 7
Daw Virtual Dj, Serato

DJ Course in Chandigarh -Disc Jockey

DJ Course in Chandigarh Disc Jockey,   Chandigarh Music Academy DJ Classes are a unique learning experience for all the aspiring DJs. Located in the heart of one of the most exciting cities in the world, this exciting course has been developed by BigBoxx Academy. DJ Course Chandigarh. These innovative programs focus on the essential DJ skills you will need to succeed on the big stage, as well as to connect with our extensive contacts in the music industry.

The DJ Course in Chandigarh at Chandigarh Music Academy are for any beginner who wants to become a professional DJ. We will cover everything from Basic Mix to Advanced Djing. You will be trained in different styles and genres of music regardless of the format in which you can rotate in all possible ways. You will receive training from experienced faculty that ensures that personalized attention is provided to each student.


What makes a good DJ? What makes a great DJ? Is it their selection? Their mixing ability? We will explore these questions over the 4 months that you’re training with us, to help frame some goals for you to work towards.


Believe it or not, one of the most crucial minutes of your life as a DJ is setting up. The swap-over scenario – the DJ before you is playing their last track and it’s your turn to plug in your controller and gear, or get your vinyl decks going after someone has been on CDJs: you’ve got about 3 minutes to get it right and get your tune lined up, in the dark.

Having a fundamental understanding of how different DJ gear connects together and how the signal is flowing will ensure that you stay calm in challenging situations.

Knowing how to also augment the best sound both for yourself and the dancefloor will ensure best DJ practice. We have a club setup on the ground floor (where we host big events) which has a huge PA system, so we can recreate a club environment for real to show you this.

Course Content:


  • History of DJ-ing
  • Equipment and configuration
  • Beats, Bars and Phrasing
  • Beat Matching
  • Understanding the different styles of music
  • Mix with Secrato Scratch Live
  • Recording and editing your Mix / Dj sets
  • Inside DJ Business
  • Promoting yourself as a DJ

DJ Course in Chandigarh Disc Jockey

DJ Course in Chandigarh Disc Jockey, Learn Advanced CD Mixing from India’s top DJ and get to know the advanced level of performing at clubs, marriages, award functions or stage shows. Get ready to face the world. Get the privilege of being the lucky few. Knowledge Power Status is what you can acquire once you are done with this Course. All the experience knowledge personality grooming discipline and perfection will be downloaded into you during the course.


We’ve got pro DJ suites kitted with a range of equipment to reflect a range of club settings: Pioneer CDJ NXS, Technics, Allen&Heath, Traktor, and Serato.

We’d encourage you to record your mixes when you’re here, as it’ll help you become a much better DJ. We have in-house recording facilities to do this, and tutors who can assist you.