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Course Name Vocal Course in Chandigarh
Duration 3/6 Months
Batch Timing 9 To 11, 11 To 1, 1 To 3, 3 To 5, 5 To 7

In Vocal, keyboard plays a crucial role in all forms of Western music. The best composers use the singing because they are able to transmit the key aspects of melody, rhythm and harmony. At the Chandigarh Music Academy we offer singing classes in Chandigarh and give our students the theoretical and physical benefits that make them successful. The Singing Classes In Chandigarh will help you to develop basic concepts, to develop harmonious and rhythmic listening, and above all to understand music theory.

Vocal Classes in Chandigarh

Because each group works on a performance at the end of each course, we include several voices in one of our musical productions of singers in a professional theater. The previous presentations gave students the opportunity to perform in front of guests and scouts from the music industry. Many of our students became artists, seeing success stories. For those who join the show, they will have excellent experience and  knowledge of singing. We proceed step by step as below:

Developing Good Breath Support

  • Mental Focus
  • Breathing Mirror Check
  • Making Music Vocal
  • Health Forum
  • Environmental Effects

Developing Your Vocal Sound

  • Enhancing Tone Quality with Resonance
  • Registers
  • Balanced Tone
  • Vibrato


  • Vocal Anatomy, Health, Pathology, Use, Abuse, and Care
  • Mirror Check

Developing an Effective Practice Routine

  • Building a Balanced Practice Routine
  • Warming Up
  • Technique Study
  • Song Study
  • Cool Down
  • Vocal Study Journal
  • Developing Independence

Simple Melodic Embellishment

  • Range and Registers
  • Pitch Bends
  • Note Embellishments
  • Mirror Check
  • Vocal Health Forum

Effective Diction for Singing

  • Good Diction and Ease in Singing
  • Speaking and Singing
  • Vowels
  • Consonants
  • Accents
  • Extra Vocal Sounds
  • Microphone Use
  • Style in Singing
  • Vocal Health Forum
  • Mirror Check

Vocal Harmony

  • Creating a Harmony Part
  • The Importance of Listening
  • Diction Challenge
  • Style: Vibrato
  • Simple Interpretation in Complex Music
  • Mirror Check
  • Vocal Health Forum

Advanced Breath Management

  • Shortness of Breath
  • Clear Tone
  • Mirror Check
  • Facial Expressions
  • Vocal Health Forum

Performance Polish

  • Adding Dynamics
  • Use it or Lose it
  • Mirror Check
  • Vocal Health Forum
  • Working Out with Style
  • Improving Your Connection with the Audience
  • Moving on Stage
  • Performance Anxiety Solutions

Flexibility, Control, Stamina

  • Motivation
  • Performance Anxiety
  • Mirror Check
  • Vocal Health Forum
  • Muscle Control

The Essential Building Blocks of Vocal Training

  • Practice
  • Patience
  • Perseverance
  • Play
  • Mirror Check
  • Vocal Health Forum

The Grand Finale

  • Summary and Review, Putting It Together
  • Expression
  • Posture
  • Active Breathing