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Guitar Classes in Chandigarh

Course Name Guitar Classes in Chandigarh
Duration 45 Days
Batch Timing 9 To 11, 11 To 1, 1 To 3, 3 To 5, 5 To 7
Other Courses Vocal / Piano / Drums

Guitar Classes In Chandigarh

Guitar Classes In Chandigarh, The guitar institute in Chandigarh, Mohali & Kharar, provides a step-by-step approach for guitar learning with courses from beginner. If you are looking for the best trainer in Chandigarh or tricity then this is the best place for you. Opened guitar institutes for residents looking for best guitar classes in Chandigarh, Panchkula and Mohali together called Chandigarh Tricity. To create a song is not big deal for guitarist. To create song on computer or by playing any rhythmic instrument live for example Guitar, Keyboard or any instrument etc. Chandigarh Music Academy is the best rated institute in Chandigarh & Tricity areas for learning Guitar and other musical instruments. Learn Guitar under Professional environment

Course Content

Programs and courses offered in Guitar include:

  • Classical Guitar
  • Rock & Pop Guitar
  • Bass Guitar


There are mainly two families of guitars:

  • Acoustic Guitars
  • Electric Guitars.


Guitars and their Parts

  • Headstock , Nut
  • Machine heads (Tuning keys)
  • Fretboard (fingerboard)
  • Frets, Truss rod, Inlays & Neck
  • Neck-joint (heel), Strings & Body (electric)
  • Sounding board / sound box (acoustic)
  • Pickup, Electronics & Wiring &Bridge
  • Saddle, Pickguard & Whammy bar (tremolo arm)
  • Guitar strap, Guitar Accessories & Capotasto (Capo)
  • Slides , Plectrum
  • Playing Chords with Plucking and Strumming Patterns
  • Play melody based on chords
  • Playing a song
  • Different major and minor chords


Guitar Classes In Chandigarh. Students gain a command over various aspects of playing the acoustic and electric guitars. 

Well-known producers of guitars include Yamaha, Gibson, Godin, Fender, Guild, Washburn, Taylor, Takamine, Seagull, Samick, among many others. Chandigarh Guitar Institute, is a premier Institution for the studies of contemporary music. Provide every dimension musical aspects of guitar.

The producer must effectively know the creative needs of the track and the artist and also must be a pro in achieving the desired results out of a track. Like an artist have to perform well and the engineer has to co-ordinate the instruments, it is the duty of the music producer to ensure everything is sounding as it must.  Along with learning piano, the structured courses at Academy for Musical Excellence also focus on Sight Reading, Aural Tests, Scales and Technical Study, Improvisation, Composition and Music Arranging. Theory of Music is also taught along with the practical lessons. Students of Piano Class are taught different genres of music in staff notation.

 Morph Music Academy provides you the perfect opportunity to realize this dream.