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Diploma in Audio Engineering in Chandigarh, Sound Engineering can be considered as the Heart of all Music Performances. It is the vehicle which transports an Artist’s concept to complete finalization. With a Detailed and a career oriented course syllabus, the students completely understand the finer points of this field so that they can shape the sound of the future. Our Vastly Experienced faculties and a focused program module help the students to carefully analyze and eventually master this deep subject

  1. History of sound
  2. Acoustics & Reverb calculations
  3. Ear Training
  4. Decibel Theory
  5. Cables & Connectors
  6. Computer Fundamentals
  7. Basic Electronics
  8. Introduction to the Analog Console
  9. Complete Analog Circuit & Signal Flow
  10. Analysis of the Analog Channel Strip
  11. Concept of Auxilliaries & BUS Outputs
  12. Introduction to Digital Console
  13. Understanding the DSP Matrix
  14. Various outputs sections of Analog & Digital Consoles
  15. Introduction to Logic Pro X
  16. Understanding the various Menus & IO Settings of Logic Pro X
  17. Analogy of Compressors with their various circuit types
  18. Editing in Logic Pro X
  19. Practical use of Various Compressors with different Sound Sources
  20. Analogy of EQ’s with their various circuit types
  21. Practical use of Various EQ’s with different Sound Sources
  22. Introduction to Modulation & Time Variant Processors

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