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Course Name FL Studio
Duration 45 Days
Batch Timing 9 To 11, 11 To 1, 1 To 3, 3 To 5, 5 To 7
Daw Fl Studio

FL Studio one of the most used digital audio workstations worldwide adapt a graphical user interface based on a pattern-based music sequencer. FL Studio gives a flexibility to be available in four variation editions for Microsoft Windows featuring various edition. Join our Fl Studio Course In Chandigarh and become experts in sound mixing and editing . Explore the various plugins and features that come with it . Learn new production skills at this ” value for money ” course. The Fl Studio Course In Chandigarh includes the following -:

Understanding Daw

  • Introduction to Fl studio
  • User Interface & Controls
  • Setup Wizard
  • Midi Settings
  • Audio Settings
  • General Settings
  • File Settings
  • Project Information Settings
  • Project General Settings
  • Overview on Main menu bar & Panels & Tool bar
  • Setting Tempo and Time Signatures
  • What is File Browser
  • How to use Plugins Database
  • Use of Project Browser
  • Auditioning Audio Samples and Clips
  • How to install 3rd party plugins
  • How to add 3rd Party Audio Sample packs and Presets
  • How to open & Import files formats
  • How to Save & Export files formats
  • What is Channel Rack & Step Sequencer
  • Overview on Channel menu button
  • Overview on Channel Settings
  • Understanding Main Controls
  • Using Channel Sampler
  • Understanding Envelope /Instrument Channel Setting
  • Understanding Miscellaneous Channel Settings
  • How to make Simple beat using Step Sequencer
  • What is Piano roll
  • Overview on Piano roll ‘s Menu
  • Overview on Piano roll ‘s Tools
  • Understanding notes properties and event editor
  • Understanding Slides and Portamento
  • How to use Piano roll Articulator
  • How to use Piano roll Quantizer
  • How to use Piano roll Arpeggiator
  • How to use Piano roll Strum tool
  • How to use Piano roll LFO tool
  • How to use Riff machine
  • What is playlist / Arrangement window
  • Overview on its main menu
  • Overview on its tool bar
  • How to select clip sources
  • How to draw pattern clips
  • Brief overlook on drawing automation in playlist/ arrangement window
  • What is mixer
  • Mixer functions
  • Overlook on Mixer menu
  • How to add plugin effect into mixer
  • Mixer track properties
  • Simple leveling and mixing
  • The Db scale
  • How to group tracks
  • how to use sends and returns.
  • Overview on Parametric Equalizer and filters
  • Overview on compressors and dynamic processing
  • Overview on types of delay effects processing
  • How to use Reverb effectively
  • Basics of Side-chain Compression
  • Basics of Side-chain Gatting
  • How to use Gross beat effectively
  • Quick overview on Patcher
  • How to use Edison
  • Basic of vocal chopping and Beat chopping using Slicex
  • How to use Vocoder.
  • Basic Synthesis
  • How to use harmor creatively
  • Quick overview on Granular synthesis.