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Music Production Course in Chandigarh

Diploma in Music Production in Chandigarh

Duration : 6 months / 2 hours or  3 Months / 4 hours in day
Qualification : 10th or 12th

Diploma in Music Production in Chandigarh is the best course for who want to be a music director. This program offers you the opportunity to build and hone the skills required of today’s music producers and engineers. Course aims at imparting sound skills in Digital Music Production & Modern Audio Engineering concepts/techniques, which are globally recognized. Music production and sound engineering course in Chandigarh. You will learn how to use state-of-the-art equipment that can be found in today’s audio industries, from microphones and mixing desks through to samplers and leading software packages including Logic Pro, Ableton Live, Pro Tools

Course Content

Diploma in Music Mixing and Mastering

Duration : 4 weeks / 2 hours in day
Qualification : 10th or 12th

 Music Mixing and Mastering course in Chandigarh, Great mixing and mastering is absolutely crucial in the world of music. Our mixing courses show how to combine multiple tracks with professional mixing software and audio techniques including EQ, dynamic processing, delay, reverb, noise gates, and de-essers. The Next Level Sound Mixing and Mastering Courses in Chandigarh and Punjab provide you with a proven system. It is the world’s most advanced professional mixing and mastering system. Our Mixing and Mastering course is a series of private individual sessions, divided into two parts. Music production and sound engineering course in Chandigarh. A student will learn and implement the process of mixing his or her own track with our mix engineer, then learn how to master the same track with our mastering engineer. Students will conclude the course with their own tracks mixed, mastered, and ready to be professionally released. Music Mixing and Mastering course in Chandigarh and Punjab with international certification.

Course Curriculum Overview

Part 1: Mixing

Fundamentals of Audio

  • Frequency
  • Amplitude
  • Envelopes
  • Phase
  • Mono / Stereo
  • DB Spl / DB Fs
  • Sample rate / Bit depth

Sonic Dimensions

  • Depth
  • Height
  • Panning
  • Dynamic ranges
  • Clipping
  • Meters / Analysis

Compression / Gates

  • Learn to alter the dynamic range by learning dynamic processing


  • Learn about coloring of sound and balancing of frequencies.

Reverbs & Delays

  • Learn the process of adding depth and movement to enhance emotion in music
  • Learn how to alter harmonic balance and content with these effects.

Saturation, Distortion & Modulation

Understand the fundamentals of Saturation, Distortion & Modulation

Mixing Process: 6 Sessions (varies depending on genre)

– Most electronic tracks typically require 4–6 sessions.

– Any additional hours beyond 6 sessions will be chargeable.

 Part 2: Mastering

– Introduction

– Compression / Multi-band

– EQ

– Harmonic Excitation / Saturation / Tape

– Limiter / Dithering / Down-sampling

– Mastering Audio Process

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