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Course Name Foundation Course in Chandigarh
Duration 3 Months
Batch Timing 9 To 11, 11 To 1, 1 To 3, 3 To 5, 5 To 7
Daw Fl Studio / Ableton / Logic Pro

Electronic Music Production Course in Chandigarh

Electronic Music Production Course Chandigarh, Chandigarh Music Academy offers Electronic Music Production Course. Student can ​learn Music Production in this course which will give them benefit of boosting their career in Music Industry. Music production goes beyond the ability to play an instrument. Playing an instrument is just one of the many forms of expressing your passion and creativity with music, and not the only way either. If you have the ear for music and a passion that pushes you to do nothing but make music for the rest of your life, then it is time to turn it into a career. There are so very many simple, easy, and free software and programs out there today, that are many who people indulge in making tiny or large pieces of music. What makes you any different from them? Being a professional is more than just knowing how to put together a few sounds that are pleasant to hear.


  • Understanding Production of Music
  • Producing Beats
  • Arranging Tracks
  • Managing Tracks
  • How to Process
  • Structure Of a song
  • Sampling
  • MIDI & Network Fundamentals
  • Virtual Instruments
  • Creating a track From Scratch

Music Genres you learn

  • Hip hop
  • Trap
  • EDM (Electronic Dance Music)

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Electronic Music Production Course Chandigarh

Electronic Music Production Course Chandigarh, We at Morph Music Academy pride ourselves for offering the best Electronic Music Production Course In Chandigarh enabling students to start with an idea and develop that idea into a full fledged composition, your knowledge to electronic music production and sound design, such as setting up your home Studio with software and hardware integration, MIDI sequencing, mixing is now accessible. It doesn’t matter if you have experience in performing electronic music or you are an absolute rookie looking to fill in gaps in your skills, this schedule assists you in your requirement to raise your level in music production.

In recent years the change in Music Production technology has been at a rapid pace. Music composers and musicians have the production technology on their laptop & desktops. Workstations like Logic, Abelton & Pro – tools have enabled the musician to produce their own tracks without hiring any musician.

Musicians who have concepts to create music can now create their own music independently. But at the same time creating music on their own just with the tools is not enough, one needs to be trained in the concept of Music production,understanding genres, types of musical sounds and types of beats.Therefore we have the Best Faculties for our student who are professionals and Believe in Sharing their Knowledge with our students to Guides  them in every stage of their Musical Career.