Kabir Singh Movie Review


Kabir Singh, an official adaptation of the 2017 Telugu super-hit film Arjun Reddy, aims to rule the box-office just like the original film. Shahid Kapoor plays an intense lover-turned-alcoholic and drug addict, who walks the path of self-destruction after his lover, played by Kiara Advani, is forcefully married to another man. The film starts with the last scene and the rest of it is in flashback. Kabir Singh is shown working in a Delhi college, but there is not much clarity on his role there. Then, Kiara joins the college, as a student, and the duo fall in love. The blossoming love story has been very well depicted and it will definitely connect with youngsters. There are no hiccups in the film until now, but soon after the interval, Kiara simply disappears from the film. The movie then revolves around Kabir Singh and how he turns into an irascible alcoholic and drug addict. Although the film is about a lover-turned-rebel, seeing Shahid Kapoor in this ruinous state for an hour might be unbearable for some viewers. But it depends on the viewer – some of them may have the patience and the interest to watch the actor in that state for so long, while others might just want to walk out. However, the film is able to connect with the audience on an emotional level.


The screenplay is bad in the second half and that’s what keeps Kabir Singh from turning out to be super hit.


The dialogues are very good and apt.


The music is very good. They will connect with the audience emotionally. However, all the songs play in the background and are not shown in their entirety. Despite that, the music holds the interest of audiences.


Editing is a major weak point. The unnecessary one-hour footage of a depressed Shahid Kapoor could have be cut shorter. Otherwise, it’s a beautiful love story.


Shahid Kapoor has turned in a brilliant performance and portrays his role flawlessly. Kiara Advani also has done a wonderful job and looks extremely beautiful and innocent.


Sandeep Vanga, who gave us the super-hit Arjun Reddy, is also the director of Kabir Singh. Since the original film was a hit, Vanga believed that Kabir Singh too would do wonders at the box-office. However, it is likely that the Hindi version of the movie might get a lukewarm response. Besides the lengthy reel time given to a traumatic Shahid Kapoor, Vanga has done a very good job with the direction and story telling. He has directed and shot the film in a unique way.


Kabir Singh could have one of the best love stories, but it has turned out to be an above average film. It’s the overdose of drugs, alcohol and the smoking scenes that spoil the film to a considerable extent. In spite of the flaws, Kabir Singh can be watched once, especially, if you haven’t watched the original Arjun Reddy.


Film: Kabir Singh

Director: Sandeep Vanga

Cast: Shahid Kapoor, Kiara Advani

Stars: 3.5