Mixing and Mastering Course in Punjab and Chandigarh

Music Mixing and Mastering Course

Mixing and Mastering Course in Punjab and Chandigarh,

Mixing and Mastering Course in Punjab and Chandigarh, Learn Mixing and mastering In Chandigarh, Our studio facility boosts of some of the industry’s best analog and digital sound equipment available to record, produce, mix & master. The students are provided hands on time and resources in the studios to learn the craft of producing industry standard radio ready mixes.Mixing and Mastering is the most crucial part of making a great song. It’s the magic that brings life into your song. Learn how to mix and master like professionals. Subjects covered include, EQ, Compression, Panning, Level Balancing, Reverb and Special Effects.​After Music Production, Mixing Plays an Important Role to make track sound Good. In Mixing we use various steps like Eq, Compressors, Side Chaining, Time Based Effect Like Reverb, Delay Etc. Bring in quality masterpieces by understanding the properties of sound and manipulating them with creativity and technology. Morph Studio helps develop students’ creative knowledge, preparing them for the day-to-day challenges of the industry.

Introduction to Mixing & Mastering
The Elements
The Master Plugins
Balancing & Setting Up Effects
EQ-ing the Kick Drum
EQ-ing the Beats
EQ-ing the Synths
EQ-ing Other Elements
EQ-ing The Guitars
Adjusting The Balance
Compression For Sound Shaping
Compression For Level
Bus Compression For Beats
Multiband Compression
Master Bus Compression
Reverb & Echo
Adding Chorus
Level Automation
Filter Automation
Automating the Pan
DIY Loudness Mastering

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