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Course Name Piano Classes in Chandigarh
Duration 45 Days
Batch Timing 9 To 11, 11 To 1, 1 To 3, 3 To 5, 5 To 7
Other Course Vocal, Guitar, Drums

Piano Classes In Chandigarh

Piano Classes In Chandigarh, Learning musical instruments makes up as a great hobby; from vocals, guitars, drums and percussions to piano, harmonium, tabla, etc. come enjoy it all. Piano keyboard, plays a very crucial role in all forms of western music.The course carefully covers all aspects of playing the piano including Scales & Arpeggios, Sight Reading, Ear Training, etc. Our Institute provides a musical classes in Chandigarh & Tricity areas. Learn Piano under Professional environment. We at Chandigarh Music Academy offer the  Piano Classes In Chandigarh and Punjab for Music production course , we are passionate about bringing quality music education to EVERYONE who wants it. The Piano Classes In Chandigarh course  foundation instrument for beginner musicians and aspiring songwriters alike. Playing the piano is a way to learn sheet music, delve into musical theory, or express yourself artistically. The genres of music include European Classical, Jazz, Rock and even Bollywood music.

Course Content

Courses That We Offer:-


Syllabus details

Basic Keyboard Course

  • Basic With theory
  • Lessons of finger practice for both hands
  • Pre-Staff Notation Rhythm in music Primary chord Practice
  • Scale and Chord Combination
  • Use of keyboard in multiple genres
  • The approach to making music on the piano
  • Popular Tunes Playing

Advance Keyboard Course

  • Full Chord foundation with various position
  • Staff notation with various time signature
  • Creating your own grooves and studying great rhythm creation methods
  • Full Chord foundation with both hand
  • Accenting and Syncopation
  • Rhythm styles of various genres (Funk, Country, Latin….)
  • Create bank, Patch & Effects etc..

Our Institute provides a musical classes in Chandigarh & Tricity areas. Learn Piano under Professional environment. We are the leading provider of International standard Western Music Education in Punjab and Chandigarh with lessons in Piano, Guitar, Drums, Vocals and Bass.